Is Online Gambling Legal In West Virginia?

Online gambling has never been more popular. The innovative ways to wager multiply with every new advance in technology, and there are now thousands of sites offering unique gaming options. If you are looking for the best gambling site that accepts West Virginia residents, you have come to the right place. The time has never been riper for joining and playing at the sites we review, so read on and see why.

This article will explain the laws that surround online gambling in West Virginia, and direct you to the best legal gambling sites for West Virginia players. We establish the regulations around casino games, poker, and sports betting to show you what you is allowable, and we will review an amazing gambling site that is functioning right now.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports In West Virginia?

Federal Policy – The federal laws that regulate sports betting do not affect the online bettor. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992 places limits on where land-based sports betting can occur within the US. The only states that offer sports betting contests are Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. The legal online sportsbooks that accept West Virginia residents are the safest option for sports wagering, since you will not find a real world sportsbook in the state.

State Law – Since the federally approved PASPA only allows land-based sports betting in four states, there are no sportsbook events in West Virginia. This is not anything more than a minor hindrance, as there are many legal sportsbooks online for West Virginia players. Because of the PASPA, some citizens resort to seeking out bookies to place bets. We advise against this. Many of these shysters work for organized crime syndicates, and your money will not be safe.

The legal sports betting sites for West Virginia bettors are the place to go for all of your sports betting action. These sites offer expert odds on every major sport, as well a political and entertainment props. These are the sites that most sports fans in the US use, and there is no law that restricts you from joining in the fun.

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Is It Legal To Play Casino Games For Money In West Virginia?

Federal Policy – The federal laws that regulate casino games in no way restrict the use of legal online casinos that accept West Virginia residents. The statutes that apply to online casino gaming are found in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. The UIGEA does not allow the facilitation of online casinos in most of the US. This means that there will not be casino website operating in your state. The great news is that the UIGEA does not extend overseas, where all the best online casinos function. These sites are legal to use, and offer a plethora of gaming options.

State Law – West Virginia perceives gambling to be a fun pastime. They allow casinos to function within the state, and there are many social casino gaming options available. Charles Town, Cross Lanes, Chester, and Wheeling are all home to some great casinos. You will find giant floors filled with slot machines, table games, video poker, and much more. These casinos are usually bustling with like, and provide a great way to play your favorite games with your neighbors.

The best action is at the many legal online casinos for West Virginia players. While the land-based venues offer a social atmosphere, these sites offer more rewards, more games, and there is no pit boss sniffing around behind your back. If you feel like playing from the comfort and safety of your own home, these sites can’t be beat.

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Is It Legal To Play Poker In West Virginia?

Federal Policy – The federal poker laws will not penalize you for using a legal online poker room that accepts West Virginia players. Like online casinos, the UIGEA restricts online poker sites from functioning inside the US. This has no effect on the legal overseas sites that serve millions of poker players every day. It only means that you will not find an online poker room in your hometown. The federal laws are the exact same for online poker as they are for online casinos, which is why joining a legal West Virginia poker site is a great option right now.

State Law – The West Virginia state gambling laws allow poker rooms to function on land. You can find some great social poker action in many towns throughout the state. The Hollywood Casino at Charles Town offers limit and no-limit poker in a 50-table room, a beautiful hotel, five-star restaurants, and three entertainment venues. West Virginia poker fans don’t need to look far to find some excellent land-based poker action in the state.

The legal West Virginia online poker rooms offer even better options than the land based counterparts. These sites are home to millions of players, professional and amateur alike, throwing down virtual tips day and night. You will find tournaments with gigantic prize pools, mobile poker, sit and go’s, and much more. For some serious poker action, the online rooms are your best option.

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Online Gambling Sites That Are Legal For West Virginia Residents

We have explored the federal and state laws that pertain to all forms of popular gambling. As you can see, there are limited options when it comes to land-based activities, but the online world is bristling with action and plenty of gambling sites legal for West Virginia opportunities. These sites are safe to use, and employ the most advanced security software and encryption techniques to ensure keep your information locked down. There are a wealth of options out there, but we scoured the web to come up with what we believe to be the best all-around gambling site.

Bovada Sportsbook
Accepts West Virginia Residents At Least 18 Years Old

Bovada is home to the best sportsbook in the world, poker rooms that are teeming with life, and over 160 authentic virtual casino games. As far as legal West Virginia online gambling sites are concerned, this place has all you could ask for and more. Functioning out of Quebec, Canada for over two decades, Bovada has slowly becoming an empire of wagering action. You will find the fastest lines on major, as well as less known, sports, including E-sports. The poker tables offer everything from no-limit Texas Hold’em to Omaha, and professionals and amateurs alike are online all the time. The virtual casino will make you feel like you are cruising down the halls of a prestigious venue in Las Vegas, and the Real Time Gaming software makes sure the games look and play as realistic as possible.

Referring a friend to Bovada can earn you 200% of their first deposit, so make a call out to that college buddy in Pocahontas County and tell them why Bovada is so amazing. Feel free to quote our site. We are just here to spread the world about an amazing legal gambling site that accepts West Virginia residents